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Powerup Leads Powerup Leads is one of the most innovative ways to help your real estate business and take it to another level with a unique way of generating new real estate leads. The internet is a place that can be used for lots of things, but if you optimize it to your advantage where you will capture leads, with the help of ads and dedicated capture pages – you’ll never struggle with conversion anymore. Even though this might seem confusing…

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How to Convert Real Estate Leads

How to Convert Real Estate Leads – Two Power-up Techniques to Implement Now!

We all know that it’s imperative to generate real estate leads and convert them into clients, It’s no secret there’s a lot of competition in the real estate business. You need to stand out, and you need new and innovative ways to get in front of potential clients. After all, meeting face-to-face is still a factor in converting real estate leads. To help you with this, and because the Powerup Leads community thrives on innovation, try these two out-of-the-box methods…

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7 Of The Best Ways to Get Real Estate Leads Online

The Secret 7: 7 Of The Best Ways to Get Real Estate Leads Online

Ask anybody, the Real Estate industry is hard work but HIGH reward. And boy is it COMPETITIVE! Many Real Estate agencies spend big dollars on advertising campaigns, advertising screams at the prospective customer through the pages of the local newspaper, on the television, placards and billboards seem to grow by the minute have you ever noticed? Impressive right?!! Those companies must be really successful and have their marketing strategy locked in with impressive ROI’s, right?!! If you are just starting…

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How to generate real estate leads on Facebook

Everyone knows that Facebook is by far the most used social media platform. As of the second quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.23 billion monthly active users. The social media platform has done a remarkable job of taking advantage of their huge user base. Through facilitating the process for online advertisers to target and reach a specific audience by location, age, profession, gender, language, income and more. Real estate agents  develop landing pages with a specific call to action designed…

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