Lead Generation for Mortgage Brokers

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What are some effective lead generation strategies for mortgage brokers?

Mortgage brokers, like professionals in other fields, are required to have some type of lead generation strategy. Mortgage lead generation means generating leads and interest from people who are looking for mortgages. And just as lead generation is a key factor to having a successful business in other competitive industries, the mortgage business is no different. It can be extremely competitive, with many players vying for attention. This makes mortgage lead generation a top priority for your business and the key to its ongoing success and growth.

Mortgage lead generation involves recognizing and acquiring potential customers, as well as building up interest in the products you are offering. While this seems pretty straightforward, it’s not always an easy task to achieve.

As with most business models, refusing to adapt or change with the times, while simply holding on to old methods of generating leads, is a recipe for failure. It’s detrimental to your business and can deprive you of certain opportunities and more modern options, like online marketing. So, how can you build a strategy that involves a broad spectrum of approaches to help generate more mortgage leads?

This does not mean trading in old-fashioned marketing methods for new ones. It means creating a well rounded strategy that includes both older, well established methods, such as cold calling, networking, and partnership-building, as well as newer ways of getting discovered online with approaches and techniques that can bring potential leads directly to you.

Here are some ways to create this strategy and get mortgage broker leads.

4 Ways to Generate Mortgage Leads

What are mortgage leads and how are some effective ways to generate them?

Mortgage leads are people interested in taking out a mortgage or interested in learning more about it. It’s essential for every mortgage broker to have a steady stream of mortgage leads in order to have a successful mortgage business. How are some ways to get that steady flow of powerful leads?

1. Content

In this day and age, content is everything. A website that positions you as a leader in the mortgage business becomes a quality lead generator. Having great content on your site allows you to accomplish several goals, such as driving traffic to your site, building trust with visitors and encouraging them to give you their contact information through unique offers, which are key factors for success.

There are different types of content from written to videos and images. Written content is first on the list and should be your top priority. Having a blog is the best way to create content on your site. Coming up with different topics about the mortgage industry, markets, and trends helps keep your content interesting and relevant. Find out what questions people are asking and answer them in your blog.

You should publish content on your blog on a regular basis and the more often you publish, the better. If you want great mortgage leads, weekly blogs are good, but you should aim to blog daily.

Aside from written content, we know that more easily consumed content, like videos and images, do very well. People tend to be more drawn toward this type of content, so you should keep this in mind and put some energy into creating videos, images, and infographics.

2. Social Media

Once you understand the importance of creating great content, your next step is taking that content and using it as a tool to connect to and participate in online conversations. This is where social media comes in. It’s essential to share your content across multiple social media platforms regularly.

Be creative by using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to your advantage.

Publish your videos on YouTube, build a following to generate leads on Facebook, where you can post photos and testimonials from clients and also offer advice and answer questions with links to your content.

If you are able to create original visual content that will inspire potential leads to stop scrolling, then share that content on Instagram and Pinterest.

Make sure to use each platform’s strengths to your advantage and creatively link back to your content.

3. Local Listings and MLS

You can also use tools like local listings and MLS in order to get your business noticed and uncover potential leads. Make sure your information is updated and correct and then list your business on local directories related to real estate and mortgages. Real estate databases such as MLS are excellent for mortgage lead generation.

You can also create a free Google My Business account, which will help your business appear in local search results, as well as show your listing in Google Maps. It also helps you get reviews which then builds credibility for your business.

4. Don’t Underestimate Creating Partnerships and Networking

Lastly, never underestimate the tried and true methods of building partnerships and networking. As a mortgage broker, you’re more likely to get solid mortgage leads by building and developing partnerships with real estate agents and contractors in your area.

You can find realtors by searching local realtor websites, looking through real estate magazines, or visiting real estate offices to make contact and introduce yourself. Visiting open houses is another way you can start building partnerships with real estate agents. Offer your services and emphasize how you can help with growing their business. Don’t forget to follow up with all your initial contacts.

As with everything, it’s important not to put all your eggs in one basket. Making sure you have a variety of referral sources is always best. These may include CPAs, divorce lawyers, financial planners, and life insurance agents.

In addition to creating partnerships and building relationships with professionals in your area, it’s also important to network within your community. This enables you to create a presence in the community and helps people think of you when they need your services or when they need to refer someone to you.

You can do this by volunteering for a charity or joining local organizations, and serving on committees.

Setting up a booth at shows or events can also be a good way to network and get noticed.

Of course, don’t forget your personal network. Friends, family and acquaintances can all be sources for lead generation.

Lead Generation for Your Success

How can we help you grow your mortgage business?

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