How Do I Generate Mortgage Leads on Facebook?

What is the Best Way to Generate Mortgage Leads on Facebook?

If you’re a mortgage broker, Facebook is one of the best ways to generate mortgage leads, through cost efficient ads. With over 2 billion monthly active users, and 8 billion video views daily, using Facebook ads to generate leads makes perfect sense. Facebook also collects an enormous amount of user data, which allows you to target highly specific audiences. It’s a very effective tool for targeting your perfect customers and funneling that traffic to your website.

 How to Use Facebook Ads to Generate Mortgage Leads

Use Facebook ads to target your perfect customers by knowing your target audience and then giving Facebook as much information as you possibly can about those customers. The more information you provide, the more effective and highly targeted your ads can be. Your goal is to leverage Facebook’s data to target the audience you want without wasting time and money on an audience that won’t generate any leads.

The best way to do this is to upload your list of past customers, that have already done business with you, to Facebook, as a custom audience, or create a lookalike audience with information pulled from your Facebook pixel, that identifies users with similar interests as your current clients. Facebook’s algorithm will find and target more of those users, which are more likely to be interested in what you’re offering. It’s a great tool you can use to generate mortgage leads. You can also use Facebook retargeting ads  to show your ads to visitors that landed on your website but did not fill out the application form.

You should also upload your past leads to Facebook as part of your lead nurturing strategy. You want them as an audience because although they may not have converted on the first, second, or even third touches, we know that leads can take up to 8 touches before they convert. So, you want to put your ads in front of that audience too.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Once you’ve followed these steps to get your Facebook ads in front of the right audience, you need to provide content that will keep them engaged. Useful, quality content in the form of videos can draw people in and make them want to learn more about your services. As a mortgage broker, you can build trust with your audience by giving them tips about mortgages and ways they can improve their credit. This type of helpful content gets prospects to engage with you and brings them one step closer to becoming a customer.

Helping You Generate Mortgage Leads

Do you want to know more about generating mortgage leads on Facebook? PowerUp Leads can help you create the best strategy for lead generation. Learn how to leverage the most effective tools for your success.