Generating More Mortgage Leads Without Lowering Your Rate

Generating More Mortgage Leads Without Lowering Your Rate

How does it feel to generate new mortgage leads that are ready and happy to do business with you over your competitors?

And it’s not because you offer the best rate yet because you do the job the best and you have the chance to leverage that to get new leads.

We aren’t talking about referrals or going after potential leads, yet having the warm leads come to you.

Taking advantage of the internet to generate leads has taken the game of acquiring new leads to another level.

How to Generate Mortgage Leads Online

Taking advantage of the internet is the easiest way to get yourself out there, and with the help of powerful algorithms – you can target specific audience group that would be interested in what you have to offer.

Social media platforms aren’t places where people share photos and statuses, yet can be considered a huge marketing & advertising platforms that connect consumers and producers.

Facebook & Chatbots

One way to generate mortgage leads (also the cheapest way) is to combine Facebook and a chatbot. When it comes to mortgage, everyone has a unique situation and requires a unique approach. While people don’t have a lot of time to spare on the phone due to busy lives, they want to be sure that calling you will be worth the time.

Approaching them using Facebook and helping them with a chatbot will most likely help assure them to give you a call.

You could also check out our guide on how to generate real estate leads on Facebook

Google Ads

Another way would be the most popular and known search engine Google. Google offers PPC ads as a part of AdWords and you can get very cheap clicks while targeting specific keywords your potential leads might be looking for.

Consider hiring a professional PPC management service to help you achieve great results and provide you with valuable advice.

YouTube Ads

If you aren’t a big fan of these two platforms, everyone knows about YouTube, right? Well, what people don’t know is that you can get free advertising on YouTube. When paying for ads, YouTube only charges you when your ad has been watched for more than 30 seconds (or half the video).

This means that you can get air time of up to 30 seconds for free, and gives you a chance to only pay for potential leads that are highly interested in your offer.

Acquiring Leads with the Help of Mortgage Leads Generation Websites

In order to use any of the ways to generate more leads online we mentioned above, it’s important to have a place to send the potential leads such as your official website.

However, not any website will do well. Your website should be optimized to help you convert your potential leads that will come to your website. You can work on your landing page and try to make it perfect, or you can help yourself with any of the platforms that specialize in lead generation websites.

For example, Marketing Websites are very efficient at creating a website that will help you convert your potential leads through your website.

Such lead generation websites are made to help you improve lead conversion, close more deals, and even increase revenue. When you offer your potential leads exactly they’re looking for – you have higher chances of acquiring them as your new leads. When on the other hand, driving potential leads to your official website won’t do as much as a leads generation website would.