Text Your Real Estate Leads

Text Your Real Estate Leads

Because it provides the recipient of the text control, texting has become the preferred mode of communication. They may examine it and reply to it whenever they choose. Phone calls, on the other hand, come unexpectedly, interrupt.

Sending SMS Text messages to your seller leads may be a very strong addition to your marketing arsenal if used correctly. 

The key benefit of sending text messages to new leads is their deliverability and open rate. When compared to phone conversations and emails, this is a significant benefit. When making a phone call, we should always have close to 100% delivery (our call coming through), but our open rate (someone answering the phone) will be substantially lower. We should have a good delivery rate with emails, but our open rate will most likely be extremely low, around 5% or below. 

When it comes to text messages, you can be certain that you’re getting the perfect blend: we’re approaching 100% deliverability AND open rates. Even if they don’t know who sent them, everyone reads their text messages. When a phone call comes in from a number they don’t know, many individuals will not answer it. When sending a text message to your new leads, on the other hand, you can be confident that your message will be read with a high chance. 

Nearly all of the text messages you send are read  

Now that we know our text messages will be read, we need to make sure we’re sending the proper message. The purpose of the text message you’re sending to your new seller leads is simple: to obtain a reaction! That’s all it’s for, that’s all it’s for. You can simply find out the answers to certain essential questions once you’ve gotten them engaged in a text discussion, such as if they’re already working with another Realtor. What are their plans for the future? What are their expectations in terms of price? However, before we can get to that stage, we need to obtain a response to the first text message we send. 

When sending SMS messages to your new seller leads, there are two basic principles to follow: 

Rule Number One: Make your message brief and to-the-point. Nobody likes to read a huge block of text from someone they have never met. Use as few words as possible while yet conveying the message you wish to convey. The majority of leads will not be interested in reading about your background. What matters to them is what you can do for them. 

Rule Number Two: Ask a question! The majority of people’s favorite topic is always themselves. Use this to your advantage by asking a question that is simple and quick to respond. I’m Julie from eXp Realty, and I’d like to introduce myself to Jane. What were your thoughts on the house appraisal I sent you? Do you have tile, hardwood, or carpet in your home? Have you made any recent improvements? These are just a few examples of the sorts of questions you might ask, all of which should receive a positive answer. Create many text messages that reflect your personality, then test each one to see which one gets the most responses over time. 

Tips and Tricks 

Introduce yourself and use their name (if you know it). The introduction not only keeps you cooperative, but it also keeps you from becoming a creep! LOL We’ve all received scary text messages that just say, “Hey, how are you?”… You freak, you’re horrible. Don’t be the maniac that sends a “Hey” message in real estate. 

For instance, are you still looking for a property to buy in Salt Lake, [NAME]? – 

Key word: Keep it short! Ask a question, no more than one or two at a time, if possible. Asking a question raises the likelihood that they will react! 

Maintain a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t be scared to throw in a smiley:) or a few of emojis. 

When in doubt – ask a question. 

Pro Tip: It will take several text messages chats before you feel comfortable directing the pace of the conversation. If you’re stumped and don’t know what to say next, simply ask a new question! Get them to talk about themselves once again. This method is always effective. The more they talk and the more you listen, the better the conversation will go for your company. 

Text message examples for new leads: 

  • You were looking for houses in [CITY/NEIGHBORHOOD], right? Are you simply looking in [CITY], or are you willing to look in the surrounding locations as well? 
  • How are you, [FIRST NAME]? Thank you for visiting [WEBSITE NAME] to look for houses. Are you looking for a single-family home, a townhouse, or an apartment? 
  • Inquiry about a specific property: Greetings, [FIRST NAME]. Thank you for your interest in [PROPERTY]. I have some time [SELECT DATE AND TIME] to come over and show you around the house. Will that work for you, or would a different time be preferable? 

Text message samples for prospects you are pursuing: 

  • [FIRST NAME], greetings.  I recently discovered three properties that match your criteria. “Would you like to check them out?” 
  • Hello, [FIRST NAME], we’re going to offer a couple of new houses that could be a good fit for you. Do you have time tomorrow or Wednesday to go have a look? 
  • [FIRST NAME], how are you? This home value report is currently in development for you. Just a short question: have you done any changes or renovations to the house since you purchased it? 

Follow up text: 

“Let me know”: Send a brief “Let me know” reminder SMS if they don’t reply within 10 minutes. As I’m guessing you can understand, sometimes we’re just too occupied and don’t reply because we get distracted or busy to answer, even if we completely intend to. “Let me know” texting politely encourages them to respond.