Catchy Real Estate Ads (& How to Write Them)

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Whether you’re writing real estate ads for digital marketing, newspapers, or a billboard. Creating a catchy real estate ad is all about catching attention, getting a message delivered to the right audience, and sending a t message that will result in action.

Writing catchy real estate ads isn’t hard, but it’s all about the technique. And if you don’t have the right technique and pay attention to important aspects of real estate – your ad might not perform well at all.

In this blog, the team at Powerup Leads will help you find the tips on writing real estate ads that will grab everyone’s attention and will perform well. If you’re more of a visual learner, you’ll also love our catchy real estate ad examples below the tips, so stay tuned!

How to Write Real Estate Ads That Sell Properties Fast

When writing a real estate ad, you got to make sure no crucial pieces are left out since it could slow down the performance and even get you no results at all. But instead, here’s what it takes to write a catchy ad in no time!

Ask a Question

Starting your ad with a question is something you should do, if you haven’t so far. It’s actually considered to be a tactic since you won’t be asking any question.

You’ll be asking a question that will reflect the pain points of your ideal customer. Therefore, you must know the real estate very well and who your potential customers are.

A question such as “ready to save big on your next home?” is definitely a good way to open the real estate ad as it will grab attention.

Write for Specific Group

As mentioned earlier, you must know your audience. If you don’t, you won’t be able to segment down your audience and won’t be able to write the ad for a specific group.

Writing a real estate ad for a specific group is important because every potential group of customers has to be treated differently. Not everyone is looking for the same thing – and nor should you offer the same thing to all your potential customers.

Short and Straight to the Point

People have a really short attention span nowadays, especially when it comes to ads. And that’s why it’s important to grab their attention, but also retain it with a short and simple ad that tells a lot.

A picture is worth a thousand words – and so your ad is supposed to be.

Make use of Visuals

Nowadays, people love consuming content that is visual. Adding visuals that pop and go well with your ad is just another advantage.

Brains are hardwired to respond to a visual stimulus – and that’s why you have to make use of it.

Catchy Real Estate Ads Examples:

1. Looking for a home? Imagine coming home to this 1 bedroom in “location”. Click for info.

This is a short and straight to the point ad combined well with a visual and proper information a click away. With a short message underneath that says “you could be coming home to this”, which is just another tactic to make the potential customers click the beautiful and intriguing ad.

2. What’s your home really worth? Instantly get your home’s current estimated value for free, with us. It’s quick and easy!

This is another great and catchy real estate ad that features all of the above-mentioned points and tips which makes a great Facebook ad – accompanied by a great visual photo that features the opening question.

3. In a hurry to find your family a new home? Keep your whole family together in a “home name” at just “price” in “location”.

Such a catchy real estate ad aims for people who are in a hurry and are looking to find their new dream home and sort out the deal in no time. The service offers exactly that, and the combination of this ad with a great visual and a link with more information makes it a very successful ad.